Hybrid Quantum Systems

The recent developments in quantum science and technology now allow us to control systems at the quantum level, and we have began to see the quantum world in ways we have never imagine before. This research networks grand challenge is to create, manipulate and control quantum hybrid systems and explore their possibilities for quantum enabled technologies.

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Triple-gated Quantum Point Contact
March 15, 2017


Yoshiro Hirayama, Tohoku University

In the conventional quantum point contact (QPC), Continue reading

Electrical control of single spin, photon, and charge of NV center in diamond
February 15, 2017


Norikazu Mizuochi, Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University

NV centers in Continue reading

Inducing lattice strain in graphene for modulation of electron transport
January 11, 2017


Akinobu Kanda, Univerwsity of Tsukuba

Graphene is a two dimensional crystal Continue reading